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‘Dismantling of Courage’ Original Artwork by Saira Hussain

‘Dismantling of Courage’ Original Artwork by Saira Hussain

Value of 2800 $

022. Gouache, henna dye, gold leaf. Saira Hussain, multidisciplinary Artist. ‘I decolonize. Then, I resurface as worthy.’ Saira Hussain is a Canadian-Pakistani, Shia-Muslim practicing multidisciplinary Artist and energy worker whose work is interwoven with crystal energy healing and heart-chakra guided healing for abundance in one’s health and love. Her collection, ‘Deconstructed Love letters’, 2022 is interwoven with spirituality, which she revived into an individualized practice alongside her daily prayers. She currently lives in Vaughan, Ontario with her husband while working out of her home studio and is a Parkinson’s awareness and self-worth advocate for womxn. Her current collection invites us to unfold the intersectionality of bipoc womxn to address their needs for individualized mental, emotional and physical healthcare. Her work invites us to explore the visual performance seen when we invite love to embrace our solitude when feeling pain, grief and loss. She orchestrates the painted landscapes of self-expression and equality with hues of skin, organs and tissues of the human body. She quotes, ‘Self-compassion is the antidote to human expansion and is an acknowledgment that we all are deserving of freedom.’ The greatest pivotal moment in one’s life is when one’s own reflection is accepted without a tainted heart.’

1000 $